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April 2011 - Posts

Life of a PTA

First Week on the Job
by Allison Young
I was reminded this week of the feeling I got as a child when I jumped into the deep end of a swimming pool for the first time. After the initial jump and panicked treading of what seemed a bottomless ocean - my legs and arms, sensing a survival instinct, Read More...
Got Water?
by Allison Young
When I'm not studying for the state boards or making mental preparations for my first full-time PTA position (starting next week!), I enjoy chatting with fellow mothers "online" in what can only be described as a "healthy lifestyle" group. Every few days, Read More...
State Board Blues
by Allison Young
I currently reside in a somewhat unsettling and definitely temporary state of student /professional limbo. If you've been following along at home, I graduated from the PTA program and was promptly (and unexpectedly) offered a position. Once my initial Read More...
The "Trouble" Patient
by Allison Young
During my student clinical rotation, I was fortunate enough to experience an inpatient, outpatient and everything in between. The patient population was vast as well. Depending on the clinical, I saw patient age ranges between 13 and 95. It struck me Read More...
by Allison Young
A few weeks ago, I began my Thursday morning like most; grabbing a coffee-to-go and rushing out of my house. As usual I was running my perennial five to 10 minutes late, therefore forgoing my makeup application, so I could make it to my clinical on time. Read More...


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