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June 2011 - Posts

Life of a PTA

The Family Factor
by Allison Young
I recently worked with a patient who was not exactly motivated to participate in therapy, to put it mildly. This older gentleman had been willing to give 40 minutes out of his day, albeit unenthused, to a few lower-extremity conditioning exercises up Read More...
The SNF Misconception
by Allison Young
Way back in one of the first few quarters of the PTA program, I and many of my fellow classmates would project about what field of physical therapy we could most see ourselves working in. Most of us were on the fence. The general sentiment was work for Read More...
Surviving the State Board Exam
by Allison Young
I had the pleasure (no, not really) of taking my PTA license exam last week amid great angst and drama only a serial anxiety-prone test taker can truly reach. Throughout my SPTA experience, I excelled at the practical "hands-on" aspect of the program Read More...
PTA: The Right Fit for You?
by Allison Young
Having very nearly completed my journey as a SPTA (I just took my licensing exam this week), I've thought hard about the advice I would give to a new PTA student or person thinking about the field of physical therapist assisting. Initially, I would suggest Read More...


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