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July 2011 - Posts

Life of a PTA

Do You Love Your Job?
by Allison Young
I was recently asked by a friend if I was enjoying my job. Was it all that I expected it to be, now that I'm finished school and applying my knowledge? I wish I could answer with a quick, convincing "Yes, I love it - I was born to do this!" The honest Read More...
When Handwashing Just Isn’t Enough
by Allison Young
I recently received some interesting advice from a PT colleague regarding post shift hygiene. She mentioned her "early evening shower" routine as it happened to be a particularly messy day in the PT gym at the SNF. When I say messy, I mean vomiting by Read More...
The PTA Experience: 90 Days and Counting...
by Allison Young
I recently reached my 90-day anniversary of working my first PTA position. There was no fanfare or pat on the back from my employer necessarily; not even a reminder that I qualified for holiday pay on July 4 th (it fell on a Monday this year, after all). Read More...
The Team Approach
by Allison Young
I'm sure I've noted this observation before, but I find myself constantly amazed at the amount of "teamwork" it takes for a skilled nursing facility to run smoothly - so it bears repeating. In the PT gym all of the therapists are helping each other out, Read More...
The Accident-Prone PTA
by Allison Young
Life is full of surprises. In an instant, one can be placed in just the same predicament as the patient seen the following week in clinic. Last weekend, I found myself busily running errands for my 11-year-old's slumber party, when I found myself making Read More...


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