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November 2011 - Posts

Life of a PTA

Stress: ‘Tis the Season
by Allison Young
There's something about this time of year that can bring out the harried in all of us -- the brisk weather change or shorter days perhaps? Maybe it's the threat of inclement weather and bouts of the flu? With two kids and a busy schedule, I know that Read More...
Keeping It Simple
by Allison Young
Communicating with my patients is one of the biggest components to a successful treatment. Often I find myself using "too technical" of a language type. More than once, I've received blank stares when I tell my patient we're going to start with some supine Read More...
The Perks of Overtime
by Allison Young
Like many of you out there in the PT profession, I work hard and a lot. I signed on as a PTA at a skilled nursing facility over seven months ago (weeks after graduating from a program) and I still haven't come up for air. Sure, work is intense yet also Read More...
Fear of Falling
by Allison Young
As a PTA in an SNF, I spend many hours a day transferring and ambulating patients, then analyzing all this activity down to minute detail. As well I should, since a mild loss of balance with a therapist providing a close guard assist today could result Read More...


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