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January 2012 - Posts

Life of a PTA

The Search for CEUs
by Allison Young
We all have that "Priority List" that includes the daily necessities, from "feed and clothe the kids" (#1) to alphabetize the DVD collection (#289). As I close into completing my first year as a PTA, I've found that the required 40 hours of continuing Read More...
The SNF Storm
by Allison Young
Over the past few days, the Northwest region of the country where I live has experienced a massive winter storm - the likes of which this area hasn't seen in more than 20 years. Our little corner of the world has been adjusting to 4-12 inches of snow Read More...
The Reluctant Patient
by Allison Young
A few weeks ago I wrote about my experiences with the rehab of a patient with a recent AKA. Having no prior experience with AKA therapy, even within my clinical affiliations, I have been following the primary PT's plan of care closely. As I discussed, Read More...
The Min-Mod-Max Debate
by Allison Young
One of the first aspects of patient care I learned in the PTA program was the percentage between the levels of minimum to maximal assist. Being able to recognize the functional assist level is pivotal in the safety of the patient, as other therapists, Read More...


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