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June 2012 - Posts

Life of a PTA

Animal Instincts
by Allison Young
My fellow therapists at the SNF where I work all provide a vast amount of talent to our therapy team. Whether specializing in hand therapy, lymphedema management or simply approaching therapy with years of experience, there is a clinician on staff who Read More...
The Happiest Place on Earth
by Allison Young
More than four years ago, I sat my then 8- and 4-year-olds down to explain that their "Mommy" would be very busy most nights and weekends for quite a while. I explained that I would have to spend most of my "free time" studying and reading and reading... Read More...
Creating a Fall Risk?
by Allison Young
Working in a skilled nursing setting definitely has its benefits and drawbacks, as I am constantly discovering. There is a huge advantage to working with the same patient every day of the week. Watching him make gains and meet goals, sometimes daily, Read More...
No Energy? Just Add Water
by Allison Young
Last week I finally went for my annual physical with my doctor. I was a twinge nervous, as I've been exhausted recently and well, I haven't had a doctor's appointment in more than three years. Luckily, all was fine -- and I was given some valid (if not Read More...


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