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July 2012 - Posts

Life of a PTA

State Board Anxiety -- Revisited
by Allison Young
I recently received quite a few heartfelt responses to a blog I wrote last year on the subject of the dreaded PTA "state board licensure exam." I feel your pain, people. I vividly remember the pre/post anxiety and panic of preparing and actually taking Read More...
What Matters Most
by Allison Young
I was reminded recently of how to recognize a truly good therapist. The observation came up when a PT was describing the individual therapists on our rehab team to a PT student. Generally, the obvious was mentioned, such as experience and specific knowledge Read More...
The "No-Therapist-Left-Behind" Policy
by Allison Young
On any given day in the SNF, I might have six to 10 patients on my schedule. The rest of my colleagues have close to the same amount, depending on how many new evaluations the PTs have that same day. Having reduced my work schedule to four days a week Read More...
The New Team Player
by Allison Young
For more than a year now, the physical therapy department at the skilled nursing facility where I work has had no staff turnover. This has enabled my colleagues and I to develop an efficient therapy team with excellent communication and interpersonal Read More...
Sensitivity Training
by Allison Young
One day last week as I was preparing to spend my coveted "lunch break" outdoors under the elusive Northwest sun, I came across one of my regular patients sitting alone in the hallway. I have grown to really enjoy working with this particular person because Read More...


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