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December 2013 - Posts

Life of a PTA

Performance Review
by Allison Young
Six months ago I sat down with my boss, the rehab director of the SNF where I work, to formally "go over" my yearly performance review. Luckily there were no surprises or great disparities between my self-assessment regarding my work quality and that Read More...
Working Christmas Day
by Allison Young
About a month before Christmas, I formally requested the day off, which is standard protocol for the large, corporate-run, skilled nursing facility where I work. The "request" was in writing, detailing dates and "vacation days" remaining in my yearly Read More...
Now Where Was I?
by Allison Young
Hello there, ADVANCE readers. My name is Allison Young and I've been a PTA for more than two years now in a skilled nursing facility setting. I took a year or two respite from the "blogosphere" to concentrate on my career and family with varying degrees Read More...


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