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January 2014 - Posts

Life of a PTA

What Am I Worth?
by Allison Young
There has been much discussion recently about how much people earn. Whether comparison of PT/PTA salaries by region, such as on the ADVANCE website , or in politics regarding raising the minimum wage (don't worry, I'm not going to tackle that slippery Read More...
Lead PT Wanted
by Allison Young
As a new PTA grad a few years ago, I was lucky enough to be mentored by two very talented physical therapists. Both PTs, who happened to be married to each other, took this petrified/inexperienced PTA and taught me the essentials of SNF rehab and more. Read More...
Just Keep Moving
by Allison Young
Recently, a coworker of mine introduced me to a quote by Albert Einstein and how appropriately it relates to our patients in the SNF setting: Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving . For that matter, this quote can be Read More...
The Age Factor
by Allison Young
When I started my journey into the physical therapy field, I found myself surrounded by eager SPTA students, like myself, beginning a new career. Nearly half the people in my graduating class from PTA school were over the age of 40. Many had children Read More...
A Different Kind of Ortho
by Allison Young
One day last summer as I was driving my kids to a practice/rehearsal/errand of some kind, I felt that I had two small pebbles rolling around in my mouth. Due to the fact that I was not eating anything or even chewing gum, I came to the frightening yet Read More...


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