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February 2014 - Posts

Life of a PTA

So, What Time Would You Like Therapy?
by Allison Young
When I arrive to work every day, I'm faced with a list of patients and expected therapeutic minutes to achieve for the day. What's missing on my list, you might ask? Scheduled therapy times. This translates to me knocking on many of my patients' doors Read More...
Keeping Continuity
by Allison Young
When a patient first arrives at a SNF from the hospital, typically he's in pain, ill and many times confused. Once the primary therapist completes the initial evaluation, that patient is quickly scheduled for PT seven days a week. The ideal situation Read More...
Avoiding Burnout
by Allison Young
My experience working in a skilled nursing facility has many advantages including autonomy as a therapist, a bustling team atmosphere and working with my favorite group: the tough-as-nails geriatric population. However, being a full-time PTA in a SNF Read More...
Keep It Simple
by Allison Young
Over the past few years, I've noticed my therapeutic style has changed subtly in some ways and drastically in other aspects. Due to self-preservation and the ever-present productivity demands, I've developed into a much more efficient therapist. From Read More...


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