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March 2014 - Posts

Life of a PTA

The Resignation
by Allison Young
Last week, I resigned from my first PTA job. It was stressful and I was anxious about my director of rehab's response, but it was time. As I've blogged over the past few weeks, I was finding myself more frustrated than I've ever felt with the job and Read More...
The Challenge of Dementia
by Allison Young
In the skilled nursing setting, many of the patients on my schedule have a dementia diagnosis. Whether displaying mild signs such as repeating a story or severe moaning and perseverating over mundane details, I try to keep the treatment focused on their Read More...
Diversify My Options
by Allison Young
I'm coming up on my 3-year anniversary with the skilled nursing facility where I currently work. I remember vividly the phone call from my rehab director informing me that I was hired on as a PTA. It was an incredible high -- having just graduated from Read More...
Why Are You a Therapist?
by Allison Young
A few days ago, I was preparing a patient for a slide-board transfer from the edge of her bed to the wheelchair. As she was a max-assist with two therapists for this transfer up until this point, we were attempting to progress to a one-person assist and Read More...


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