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August 2014 - Posts

Life of a PTA

Mandatory Dementia Training
by Allison Young
I recently was looking for a good read at the library -- anything that would pique my interest and whisk me into a riveting story that related to my life in no way. As it turned out, I passed on the gritty crime fiction novels and historical fiction (my Read More...
The ‘No Productivity’ Scenario
by Allison Young
I've recently blogged about the potential closing of the long-term care/skilled nursing facility where I work . Although there has been no formal announcement from the administration, census continues to slow and hours have been cut from all departments Read More...
The 18-Year-Old PTA
by Allison Young
During the first week of PTA school, our director announced that the median age of the class was 33.5 years old. We students, spanning from age 20-55, had come from all walks of life. I remember a few fellow classmates had just received BS degrees from Read More...
Billing Rapport
by Allison Young
In a typical therapy session, I attempt to fit in the most important tasks I feel the patient needs to focus on for that day. Therapeutic exercise, gait training and pain management modality -- it can be challenging to fit the session goals into the allotted Read More...
Job Risk
by Allison Young
Over the past 4 months, I've been acclimating to a new PTA job -- as I've described at length in some of my previous blogs . The work itself is similar to my previous PTA position in a skilled nursing setting but the environment is completely different. Read More...


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