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Life of a PTA

Job Risk

Published August 1, 2014 5:34 PM by Allison Young

Over the past 4 months, I've been acclimating to a new PTA job -- as I've described at length in some of my previous blogs. The work itself is similar to my previous PTA position in a skilled nursing setting but the environment is completely different. Initially, the slower-paced, smaller rehab department of a long-term care center was a huge adjustment from my previous facility's large rehab-staffed SNF. Most days, my former facility felt like a frantic stressed-out, corporate-run pressure cooker, which was a difficult environment to thrive in as a therapist -- not to mention give quality treatments to patients.

However, that previous job was a stable one, where I had accrued benefits and paid vacation over the years. The decision to leave and move on to another, smaller, independent facility was a difficult one -- especially leaving fantastic colleagues who I've worked and collaborated with for almost 3 years. Unfortunately, my job choice "gamble" has not worked out as I hoped. Although my new facility has a long history of good service, as (un)luck and incredibly horrible timing would have it, a closure at this location is imminent.

As I begrudgingly throw my hat into the next job search, I question if my decision to leave my initial stressful SNF was the right one. Maybe or maybe not, but change and adapting to that change is only making me a more savvy PTA. During the next interview process, I'll have questions for the rehab management that I've never thought to ask before. Including but not limited to: How will this rehabilitation department be growing and improving over the next year?

Have you accepted a "promising" job opportunity only to have it fail miserably? Are you inclined to work in a stable job and not take a risk? I would love to hear reader opinions and experiences.

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I know exactly what you're going through as the job I am currently at feels like the pressure cooker you were referring to and I'm attempting to land an interview at a smaller facility closer to my home town. This new place is contracted so it is definitely riskier but I'm sure the quality of care is much greater. We will see what happens with the interview process and yes it is definitely stressful thinking I may have to make a difficult decision.

Jon, Physical Therapist August 1, 2014 7:54 PM
ormond beach FL

Looking back, I would have taken more risks with open positions.  There were times I was contemplating two jobs and I chose the more stable one, the safer one.  

Sometimes you have to take that leap of faith ( I have done that with a U-Haul truck and my family) and move on to the next adventure.  

Be bold, be adventurous.  If nothing else comes of it you will have a good story to tell and with a good story you can have lots of friends.  

Jason Marketti August 1, 2014 7:04 PM

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