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Life of a PTA

The 18-Year-Old PTA
by Allison Young
During the first week of PTA school, our director announced that the median age of the class was 33.5 years old. We students, spanning from age 20-55, had come from all walks of life. I remember a few fellow classmates had just received BS degrees from Read More...
The Importance of Mentorship
by Allison Young
Although having only been a PTA for three years, I've found myself in conversations with many potential future SPTA candidates. Quite a few have been with bright and hardworking CNAs who I work with in skilled nursing and others have been with folks my Read More...
What Am I Worth?
by Allison Young
There has been much discussion recently about how much people earn. Whether comparison of PT/PTA salaries by region, such as on the ADVANCE website , or in politics regarding raising the minimum wage (don't worry, I'm not going to tackle that slippery Read More...
State Board Anxiety -- Revisited
by Allison Young
I recently received quite a few heartfelt responses to a blog I wrote last year on the subject of the dreaded PTA "state board licensure exam." I feel your pain, people. I vividly remember the pre/post anxiety and panic of preparing and actually taking Read More...
The Search for CEUs
by Allison Young
We all have that "Priority List" that includes the daily necessities, from "feed and clothe the kids" (#1) to alphabetize the DVD collection (#289). As I close into completing my first year as a PTA, I've found that the required 40 hours of continuing Read More...
Surviving the State Board Exam
by Allison Young
I had the pleasure (no, not really) of taking my PTA license exam last week amid great angst and drama only a serial anxiety-prone test taker can truly reach. Throughout my SPTA experience, I excelled at the practical "hands-on" aspect of the program Read More...
State Board Blues
by Allison Young
I currently reside in a somewhat unsettling and definitely temporary state of student /professional limbo. If you've been following along at home, I graduated from the PTA program and was promptly (and unexpectedly) offered a position. Once my initial Read More...


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