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Journey of a DPT Student

PT Class Schedule and Classmates

Published April 18, 2011 4:37 PM by Lauren Rosso

This past week brought me back down to PT school reality. Lately I've been alternating between excitement over long-term goals (having a career) and stress over short-term nonsense (what to wear to class). After a flurry of activity from Pitt's administration, most of that is forgotten. We made our schedules, which have us starting at 8 a.m. every day of the week. We're technically done at noon, but I think it's deceptive because I assume we'll be spending the rest of the day in the anatomy lab regardless. We also squared away some financial aid information. Who knew you could max out on federal loans? I appreciated the warning, but it's daunting to know I could realistically approach that limit.

More importantly, I'm starting to learn who my classmates will be. Thanks to Facebook, we're able to join a common group and kick around ideas about housing and arrival to Pittsburgh. We have orientation on June 3, three days before the start of class, but some people are planning to get together once they move in. From what I've been told, class culture is vital to a positive PT school experience, so I hope we all recognize that and stay on the same page.

I think I only have a few other preparatory things to accomplish - health insurance being the most important. So that's my goal for this week. Suggestions are welcome! I have seven weeks to wrap everything up and I'm sure that time going to fly by.


Belisa-  My program is also 3 years long.  I have heard of the weekend program in Aston, which seems like a great option as it allows you to keep working.  I didn't know the APTA offered health insurance to students, but I will definitely keep that in mind in the future, particularly when clinicals come along.  For the time being, I'm going to latch on to my parents' health insurance, which I think lasts until I'm 26?  That will get me through the first two years.  I'll deal with my last year when it gets here.  

Thanks for the insight!  

Lauren Rosso April 19, 2011 7:25 PM

Congrats on your new  endeavor. When I went through PT school I had to work to continue to pay my bills and was lucky to find a weekend program in Aston Pa so I was able to continue to work full time and keep my health ins. The program took tree yrs how ong is Yours if going daily? When clinicals came along I opted for the APTA ins for students. I would recommend that you become a member because it's much cheaper for students. Good luck and I look fwd to reading your updates.

Belisa, Physical therapy - DPT April 19, 2011 6:51 PM

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