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June 2011 - Posts

Journey of a DPT Student

DPT Clinical Education Meeting
by Lauren Rosso
Yesterday we had our first clinical education meeting, which I had been anticipating since the start of our program. During the application process when I was deciding which program to go to, clinical structure was really important to me. In fact, I was Read More...
A Lot to Learn
by Lauren Rosso
Yesterday I participated in a 35.1-mile hiking challenge on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. We had from sunup until sundown to complete the course, most of which took place on steep uphills and equally treacherous downhills. While you may not think this Read More...
First Week of Classes
by Lauren Rosso
Only 133 more weeks to go! I just finished my first week of PT school, and my brain is in a state of shock as it watches the balance between school and social interactions tip more and more to the academic side. We covered more in our first anatomy lecture Read More...
PT Orientation
by Lauren Rosso
Our orientation was a few days ago and it was exactly what I expected - a lot of information followed by a general feeling of dread... all before we even set foot in class. To my relief, most of my classmates had the same fears. Despite its overwhelming Read More...


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