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July 2011 - Posts

Journey of a DPT Student

Pediatric Therapy
by Lauren Rosso
With our first clinical assignments coming up, our coordinator has been trying to get a feel for our individual interests, which I am assuming are taken into consideration when determining our placements. Just the other day, we received an email asking Read More...
Getting Involved During PT School
by Lauren Rosso
This past week, the faculty held a "meet and greet" for our class to officially welcome us to the program. As these first few weeks of school have revolved solely around studying for anatomy, it was refreshing to gain a new perspective on the program Read More...
Maintaining Relationships
by Lauren Rosso
Maintaining relationships during PT school is really hard, and I think I'm failing miserably at it. When I woke up today, I took some time to respond to week-old emails, check my voicemail and follow up on events in my friends' lives that I haven't heard Read More...
First Exam Week
by Lauren Rosso
The first exams of PT school are over. Our first anatomy exam was Monday, followed on Thursday by exercise physiology. By the time it was over, the four-day week felt more like a month. (Thankfully we had Friday off for the 4 th of July. Otherwise, I Read More...


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