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September 2011 - Posts

Journey of a DPT Student

Interprofessionalism and PT
by Lauren Rosso
A few days ago, my entire class attended Pitt's "Interprofessional Forum," an event meant to encourage collaboration among health professionals. Attendance for all first-year health and medical students was mandatory. While the concept may have been innovative, Read More...
Tests in the PT Clinic
by Lauren Rosso
I'm starting to find some conflict between what I am learning in class and what people actually do in the clinic. Not that I'm surprised it's happening, but the inconsistency is something I struggle with at times. In class, we've covered goniometry, manual Read More...
PT Pledge Ceremony
by Lauren Rosso
Last Friday, my classmates and I participated in Pitt's first Professional Pledge Ceremony. From what I understand, this isn't a universal requirement in the physical therapy field, but I found it a very exciting way to "enter" the profession. The ceremony Read More...
My First Affiliation
by Lauren Rosso
My first clinical starts tomorrow, so in an effort to be prepared (and not panicked) in the morning I decided to take a dry run to the site to make sure I could find it. This was a good idea until I realized that the clinic was not where I thought it Read More...


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