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Journey of a DPT Student

PT Pledge Ceremony

Published September 12, 2011 4:30 PM by Lauren Rosso

Last Friday, my classmates and I participated in Pitt's first Professional Pledge Ceremony. From what I understand, this isn't a universal requirement in the physical therapy field, but I found it a very exciting way to "enter" the profession. The ceremony was relatively short and included a keynote speaker who graduated 2006. As I am new to the program and still trying to navigate my way through everything, it was interesting to hear the perspective of someone who is in the process of developing his career. Our speaker placed a lot of emphasis on continuing education and working as hard as possible to provide the best possible care to patients. His entire speech, as well as the ceremony itself, was incredibly motivating.

As cheesy as this may sound, the most exciting part of the ceremony was the pledge. While I realize that one day I am going to be contributing to the well-being of my patients, it was important to call attention to the responsibility that accompanies that privilege. The pledge also made me realize that I am not just a student, but rather a pre-professional with a very specific goal. The entire event really helped to put the next three years into perspective.

The only element that would have made the ceremony better is if our families and friends were able to attend. I think that allowing people outside the profession to come would help promote the field of physical therapy even further. Hopefully next year they'll change the venue to accommodate more people.


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