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November 2011 - Posts

Journey of a DPT Student

PT Clinical In-Service
by Lauren Rosso
Before I left clinical on Thursday, I got the surprise news from my CI that I was going to have to complete an in-service before I leave the rotation. The problem is that I am done at that site in two weeks. We had talked about it earlier in the semester Read More...
PT School and a Part-Time Job
by Lauren Rosso
Last week I interviewed for a part-time job at The Children's Institute here in Pittsburgh. The position is coordinator for an SCI wellness program offered during the evenings in the PT gyms at the institute. I would be supervising the participants who, Read More...
My PT Patient Just Friended Me
by Lauren Rosso
Today at clinical, I evaluated a 17-year-old kid from a local high school who is having some problems with shin splints. Considering my crash-and-burn experience during last week's eval, I was so excited for things to be looking up. I went through the Read More...
Crash and Burn
by Lauren Rosso
For the majority of my first clinical, I have been doing a lot of observing during the initial evaluations. I recently started to take patient histories, but when it actually comes to hands-on strength or neurological assessments, I haven't done much. Read More...


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