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Journey of a DPT Student

PT Students -- We Need Stronger Stomachs

Published February 27, 2012 10:44 AM by Lauren Rosso

This week in our patient management course, we're learning about lower-extremity amputations and PT interventions. Inevitably, there were pictures of "amputations gone wrong" and surgical complications that we could potentially encounter if we decide to do any work with prosthetics or amputees in the future. When pictures popped up in the PowerPoint presentation, the gasps and screams from the class were hilarious, myself included.

I thought that after making it through the wound-care unit last semester, we would have been more prepared and less disturbed by the photos we saw. That wasn't the case. I even consider myself one of the less sensitive people in the class when it comes to graphic images, and I really thought I was making strides toward being completely desensitized. But the amputation lecture caught me off guard, and I think I'm regressing a little bit.

We need stronger stomachs. Yes, many of us may have chosen physical therapy because we didn't think we would have to deal with "blood and guts," but in reality we'll have to face it in some capacity. Until then, I'll dread studying that amputation lecture and constantly fear what I'll see every time I turn a page.


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