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April 2012 - Posts

Journey of a DPT Student

Bad Decisions
by Lauren Rosso
Sometimes, no matter how focused and dedicated you are to being successful in school, you just can't say "no" to playoff hockey tickets even when you know it might be the worst academic decision of your life. That's exactly what happened to me on Friday Read More...
The Benefits of Group Studying
by Lauren Rosso
I'll be the first to admit that I've recently put on a solo effort when it comes to studying. I'm not sure if it's old habits dying hard or if I function better on my own, but after anatomy ended last summer, I gradually started to avoid group studying. Read More...
Practice What You Preach
by Lauren Rosso
Since I started school last June, my fitness levels have been steadily declining. I can confidently say that at this point, I'm at an all-time low. Prior to starting school, I worked a normal full-time job and for the most part, work was over when I walked Read More...
Instructors Make the Difference
by Lauren Rosso
My first two clinical experiences could not have been more different. Fortunately or unfortunately, it made me realize that the quality of a student's clinical instructor can make a measurable difference in her experience. To an even greater extent, it's Read More...


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