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May 2012 - Posts

Journey of a DPT Student

First-Year Orientation
by Lauren Rosso
On Friday, the incoming class will be attending their first-year orientation. Not only am I amazed that our orientation was a year ago, but I'm also finding it hard to believe that I could give anyone advice about the program. The orientation will last Read More...
How Can I Learn All of This?
by Lauren Rosso
I highlighted this in my last blog, but the curriculum for this semester is very different from that of the entire first year. Our education to this point has been dominated by musculoskeletal courses with a strong outpatient focus. Now that we've finally Read More...
DPT Year Two
by Lauren Rosso
When Monday comes around, I will officially be in my second year of PT school. I looked over the curriculum for the next year, and it's amazing how the focus is shifting to a much more in-depth and complex view of physical therapy. The first year obviously Read More...
PT Schools Must Be Doing Something Right
by Lauren Rosso
A big group of people from my class is going on a camping and rafting trip this week before we start back to class next Monday. I find it very hard to believe that one year ago, I didn't know any of these people. I know I have blogged about my classmates Read More...
Reflections after the First Year
by Lauren Rosso
As of last Friday, I officially completed my first year of PT school. A few people have asked if, given the opportunity, I would go back and change anything that happened throughout the whole process, or if I have any advice for those of you entering Read More...


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