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July 2012 - Posts

Journey of a DPT Student

PT Student Fail
by Lauren Rosso
Tomorrow is the final day of my first full-time clinical placement, and I thankfully have met most of the goals that my CI and I had set at the onset of the rotation. I've become more independent with assessments, reevaluations, plans of care etc. I'm Read More...
Delivering Bad News to a Patient
by Lauren Rosso
Now that I am starting to take on more of the CI's caseload, I'm faced with decisions that I previously didn't have to make. On all of my other placements, I wasn't heavily involved in reevaluation or discharge planning. This time around, I'm seeing patients Read More...
Working with Older Adults
by Lauren Rosso
My current clinical is the first where I have worked primarily with an older population; most patients being more than 70 years old. I am surprised by how much I am enjoying the experience. I don't mean to sound like I wasn't looking forward to the opportunity Read More...
Things You Can't Prepare For
by Lauren Rosso
If you read my last blog then you know I'm currently in England completing my first full-time clinical. As the week went on, I realized that despite my very best planning efforts, there were just some things I didn't anticipate. Some of them were obviously Read More...
An American Abroad
by Lauren Rosso
I apologize for the delay in posting this blog. Our finals ended Thursday the 21 st , and by that Saturday I was boarding a plane headed to Newcastle, England, where I'll be completing my summer clinical. As it turns out, two days wasn't exactly enough Read More...


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