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September 2012 - Posts

Journey of a DPT Student

Gait Training as a PT Student
by Lauren Rosso
The single most awkward simulated task in PT school has to be practicing gait training on classmates. It goes without saying that none of us are very good at acting, and even if we are, we can't possibly "present" with all of the complications that an Read More...
Guest Lectures that Make a Difference
by Lauren Rosso
Last week, our class had the absolute honor of meeting Dr. Beth Fisher from the Department of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California. Dr. Fisher was in town to lecture at a continuing education course held at the Read More...
How to Decide on a Clinical Placement
by Lauren Rosso
At the end of October, we start the interview process that will ultimately determine our clinical rotations during our third year. In my program, the final year of the program is entirely clinical with either two six- month placements or one 12-month Read More...
DPT Resumes
by Lauren Rosso
In just two months, we'll be interviewing for our yearlong clinical placements, so the topic of resume and cover-letter development has come up. Considering I have never developed a PT-specific resume, I'm finding it difficult to determine which aspects Read More...


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