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Published November 12, 2012 1:32 PM by Lauren Rosso

I wanted to write this blog to help out some friends with a huge and exciting student-led initiative to gain support for the Foundation for Physical Therapy, a fund that supports research opportunities that will progress the evidence base of our field. This project encourages all PT and PTA schools throughout the country to participate in a triathlon challenge. Each school, led by a student team captain, will ask members (classmates, friends, family and anyone who wants to participate) to join their cause.

Starting at CSM on Jan. 22, all team members will track their mileage and fundraising progress on a central website. Team captains will be given a "Strategies Packet" to help them maximize their effort with membership recruitment and local sponsorships. Throughout, participants will share their experiences on the site. It's a challenge that not only promotes a healthy active lifestyle (and let's face it -- as PT students, we're not always the best at practicing what we preach to patients), but also serves as a way to unite students and contribute to the future of our profession. 

I'm new to the APTA and student involvement, so I'm including a statement from my classmate Matt DeBole, one of the brilliant and motivated people who came up with this initiative:

"The Log'N Blog will enable the over 450 PT and PTA programs in the country to easily make a significant contribution to the Foundation for Physical Therapy for research. We're especially excited to enable a method that's simple to use, very social and competitive and makes significant impact on our profession. As students, we need to understand that we can make a difference, and the Log'N Blog is one incredible way to become involved."


I love the idea that this fundraiser is truly embracing the central theme of our profession. I really appreciate the idea of incorporating a fitness aspect to an event. One of the roles of physical therapists are educating the population about the importance of exercise and nutrition, this is a way to give back to society and stays within the scope of our PT practice. As physical therapists we become our patients role models regarding a physically healthy lifestyle, we need to set a good example. I also like that this event encourages collaboration. Out physical therapy profession needs more evens such as this one to encourage schools and individuals to work together and expand our view points.

Hannah Parrish, Student April 20, 2016 7:42 PM
Winston-Salem NC

As physical therapists we need to take a greater interests in our patient's physical fitness outside of the clinic.  Our education has granted us the knowledge and the confidence to instruct patients through fitness routines.  When a patient goes to a personal trainer for advice, they consistently give patients exercises that could potentially compromise their rehab process.  If PT's are proactive in giving patient exercise routines outside of the clinic, we can cut down on this misinformation, ultimately improving the health of the patient.  I realize that we are busy and this is not technically our job.  However, we could use time spent doing manual therapy to educate our patients and provide specific instructions for our patients.  I believe that patients would rather get this information from us.  With reimbursement decreasing, we need to reach patients in more ways.  Tapping into their exercise routines will be a great way to ensure patient return.

Thomas , Student April 10, 2013 8:28 AM

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