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December 2012 - Posts

Journey of a DPT Student

Prepping for a Semester of Review
by Lauren Rosso
This coming semester will without a doubt have the least aggressive schedule since we started the program. Where we would usually be in clinic twice per week is now a glorious chunk of free time, with no strings attached and no fine print. And did I mention Read More...
All the Things I Don't Want to Do...
by Lauren Rosso
After 19 months of physical therapy school, I find it hard to believe that I haven't decided what type of setting I want to work in after I graduate. I'm getting closer to figuring it out, but I'm still torn between inpatient rehab, outpatient neuro and Read More...
Final Projects -- Performance Improvement
by Lauren Rosso
We recently had to attend the third year's presentations of their performance-improvement projects, the final requirement of the program and what looks like the most frustrating assignment to date. The annual project basically populates an existing database Read More...
Affordable Care Act
by Lauren Rosso
I'm embarrassed to say it, but it wasn't until last week that I finally got a grasp of the Affordable Care Act and specifically its implications for the future of physical therapy. As part of our "Evidence-Based Practice" coursework, Everette James, director Read More...


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