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February 2013 - Posts

Journey of a DPT Student

Owning a Theoretical PT Practice
by Lauren Rosso
As part of a very in-depth project for our "Leadership and Professional Development" course, I'm in charge of justifying the purchase of an electronic health record (EHR) for our theoretical outpatient private practice. I've been spending a lot of time Read More...
Capstone Projects
by Lauren Rosso
Now that we've finally learned our placements for our yearlong clinical rotations, we can start the planning process for our capstone projects. The project assigns groups to a specific patient population based on the practice setting where we're working, Read More...
Yearlong Placements at Last
by Lauren Rosso
Four months of waiting are finally over -- I finally received word about where I'll be for my yearlong clinical. It took every ounce of maturity and focus not to have a breakdown while I was waiting, but I'm happy that I kept myself together because I Read More...
The Skype Diagnosis
by Lauren Rosso
This weekend I had to stretch my already-struggling assessment skills to the virtual world during a Skype session with my uncle. He's been having shoulder pain for the past few weeks and sought out my opinion via e-mail. We chatted back and forth about Read More...


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