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March 2013 - Posts

Journey of a DPT Student

Asking for PTO as a Student
by Lauren Rosso
With the start of our yearlong clinical only one month away, the logistics of having a full-time "job" are becoming a reality. We recently met with the clinical education instructors in our department to cover the do's and don'ts regarding PTO, stipends Read More...
PT School -- Everyone Will Get Married
by Lauren Rosso
In case you're wondering what your years in PT school will bring, here's what you can expect -- everyone will get engaged or married. Exaggeration? Barely. Of my 52 classmates, seven are now engaged, three are married and two have had babies. All of this Read More...
PT Night: Our ‘Goodbye' Celebration
by Lauren Rosso
There's a tradition in my program -- at the end of the second year prior to departing for our yearlong clinical affiliations, the students get together with the faculty for a night of celebration that mostly revolves around the students making fun of Read More...
Teaching is the Best Way to Learn
by Lauren Rosso
Throughout the course of this semester, I've been a teaching assistant in the neuroanatomy course required for the first-year students in the program. I was very hesitant at the start to take this on, but I've been happy to see how quickly a lot of the Read More...


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