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April 2013 - Posts

Journey of a DPT Student

When Life Happens During PT School
by Lauren Rosso
I've been fortunate over the past two years to have very few life-related interruptions in my attempts to excel at this whole "PT" thing. However last weekend, right before the start of finals week, I received news that my grandfather passed away. The Read More...
PT Night: Our Successful Goodbye
by Lauren Rosso
I posted last month about PT Night , the tradition in my program where at the end of our second year, students put together a sort of "roast" of the faculty and poke fun at our most memorable moments in the program. Leading up to Friday night, I was unbelievably Read More...
Should PT Students 'Prepare' for their Clinical Instructors?
by Lauren Rosso
This afternoon at a department-wide scholarship reception, I ran into a student who is a year ahead of me in the program and happens to have a similar clinical rotation as I will have in the coming year. I was picking her brain regarding the hospital, Read More...
Senioritis -- Acceptable in a Clinical Doctorate Program?
by Lauren Rosso
With four short weeks remaining in the didactic portion of our education, the inevitable is happening -- the general attitude of my ever-engaged class is turning down a road toward apathy. I've been here before. At the end of college, my friends and I Read More...


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