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Journey of a DPT Student

Changing Goals
by Lauren Rosso
With one week left until graduation, I had my most challenging patient-care conversation since starting PT school. One of my current patients, whom I happened to work with in inpatient rehabilitation during my previous clinical rotation, is a very complex Read More...
by Lauren Rosso
I had my first evaluation via interpreter this week, leaving me certain that I'll attempt to learn Spanish when I'm done with school. There are a few things that I realized when the interpreter was translating the eval. First of all, interview "cadence" Read More...
PT Night: Our Successful Goodbye
by Lauren Rosso
I posted last month about PT Night , the tradition in my program where at the end of our second year, students put together a sort of "roast" of the faculty and poke fun at our most memorable moments in the program. Leading up to Friday night, I was unbelievably Read More...
Reflections on a Student's First CSM
by Lauren Rosso
I just returned from my first trip to the APTA's Combined Sections Meeting, and I'm left with a variety of feelings about the experience. Overall, I would consider the trip a success, but there were definitely some aspects of CSM that left something to Read More...
Combined Sections Meeting
by Lauren Rosso
SAN DIEGO -- I arrived here on Saturday afternoon and have since had the most fantastic time reconnecting with old friends and enjoying the beautiful weather. (Side note- it's really not warm enough to lie on the beach in a bathing suit, but I suffered Read More...
All the Things I Don't Want to Do...
by Lauren Rosso
After 19 months of physical therapy school, I find it hard to believe that I haven't decided what type of setting I want to work in after I graduate. I'm getting closer to figuring it out, but I'm still torn between inpatient rehab, outpatient neuro and Read More...
Pediatric Assessments
by Lauren Rosso
We had the pleasure of attending a site visit at the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children last week. We had the opportunity to work in small groups with a therapist and a child to perform an evaluation, and we'll return this week to follow through Read More...
My PT Patient Just Friended Me
by Lauren Rosso
Today at clinical, I evaluated a 17-year-old kid from a local high school who is having some problems with shin splints. Considering my crash-and-burn experience during last week's eval, I was so excited for things to be looking up. I went through the Read More...
Pediatric Therapy
by Lauren Rosso
With our first clinical assignments coming up, our coordinator has been trying to get a feel for our individual interests, which I am assuming are taken into consideration when determining our placements. Just the other day, we received an email asking Read More...


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