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Journey of a DPT Student

The End is Near
by Lauren Rosso
I can count the number of weeks I have left on two hands. I've passed the boards. I have one project left, one presentation, and one in-service. All of a sudden, everything seems so quantifiable. I even got the information for purchasing my cap, gown Read More...
PT Students Working Holidays
by Lauren Rosso
It's the age-old question for PT students on rotation around the holidays -- will I be expected to work? There's inevitably that awkward point when the issue finally surfaces and you find yourself trying to test the waters mid-conversation. Someone brings Read More...
Caseload Breaking Point
by Lauren Rosso
I just finished my second week at an outpatient clinic where I see a great variety of patients. I'd say it's split 50/50 between orthopedic and neurologic diagnoses. The caseload diversity is going to be a great learning experience. But until I feel up Read More...
Back to Basics
by Lauren Rosso
In case you haven't followed the past few blogs, I started a new clinical on Monday after having spent six months in an inpatient rehab setting. I'm now interning at an outpatient center where the patient population spans the entire gamut -- orthopedics, Read More...
PT Career and Injuries
by Lauren Rosso
Three different events have come up in the past week that make me wonder about the world of "light duty" and injuries. If you're reading this, I'm assuming you have some career connection to physical therapy and therefore realize that ours are not the Read More...
Interdisciplinary Exposure for PT Students
by Lauren Rosso
Yesterday, I had an hour-long conversation with my rugby coach about what he, as a chiropractor, does with his patients. I have never been to a chiropractor and therefore know very little about their scope of practice. I have to say that I was surprised Read More...
Practice What You Preach
by Lauren Rosso
Since I started school last June, my fitness levels have been steadily declining. I can confidently say that at this point, I'm at an all-time low. Prior to starting school, I worked a normal full-time job and for the most part, work was over when I walked Read More...
My PT Patient Just Friended Me
by Lauren Rosso
Today at clinical, I evaluated a 17-year-old kid from a local high school who is having some problems with shin splints. Considering my crash-and-burn experience during last week's eval, I was so excited for things to be looking up. I went through the Read More...


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