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Journey of a DPT Student

Utilizing Downtime
by Lauren Rosso
I guess it's inevitable that in a city (Pittsburgh) with cold, snowy winters, there are bound to be a ton of cancellations in the winter months. Add that on to an already light caseload (which I assume is also related to the winter months), and it can Read More...
PT Students Working Holidays
by Lauren Rosso
It's the age-old question for PT students on rotation around the holidays -- will I be expected to work? There's inevitably that awkward point when the issue finally surfaces and you find yourself trying to test the waters mid-conversation. Someone brings Read More...
Back to Basics
by Lauren Rosso
In case you haven't followed the past few blogs, I started a new clinical on Monday after having spent six months in an inpatient rehab setting. I'm now interning at an outpatient center where the patient population spans the entire gamut -- orthopedics, Read More...
Interview Reflections
by Lauren Rosso
I'm happy to report that I'm confident and satisfied with the way my interviews unfolded, despite my absurd level of nervousness beforehand. I had three interviews in total, and by the time the last was over I wanted to walk out and high-five everyone. Read More...
When a Patient Refuses to Work with a Student
by Lauren Rosso
I guess my initiation as a PT student is finally complete -- today was the first time a patient refused to work with me after I informed him that I was a student. In a way, I'm surprised it's taken a year and a half for that to happen. At the same time, Read More...
How to Decide on a Clinical Placement
by Lauren Rosso
At the end of October, we start the interview process that will ultimately determine our clinical rotations during our third year. In my program, the final year of the program is entirely clinical with either two six- month placements or one 12-month Read More...


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