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Journey of a DPT Student

The End of the Road
by Lauren Rosso
There is no simple way to sum up my life since college. Unlike a lot of physical therapy students, I didn't take the traditional path. In fact it may have been the least efficient way to achieve a DPT degree. But looking back, as cliché as it may sound, Read More...
The End is Near
by Lauren Rosso
I can count the number of weeks I have left on two hands. I've passed the boards. I have one project left, one presentation, and one in-service. All of a sudden, everything seems so quantifiable. I even got the information for purchasing my cap, gown Read More...
I Passed the Boards!
by Lauren Rosso
I finally received word on Friday that I passed the boards. The West Virginia Board of Physical Therapy sent me a letter, snail-mail style, to inform me that I can sleep soundly and stop worrying. A word of wisdom for anyone preparing to take the exam Read More...
You Know What You Know
by Lauren Rosso
I have 60 hours left between now and when I take my seat at the testing center to begin the National Physical Therapy Exam, otherwise known as the "boards," the reason I've lost all social skills, and why I can't remember the last time I had a beer. If Read More...
Physical Therapy Co-Pays
by Lauren Rosso
You have to love insurance coverage. When January 1 came around, a number of our patients learned the unfortunate news that their co-pays had jumped anywhere from $10-$50. (The increase from $0 to $50 was an isolated event; however I'd estimate the average Read More...
Affordable Care Act
by Lauren Rosso
I'm embarrassed to say it, but it wasn't until last week that I finally got a grasp of the Affordable Care Act and specifically its implications for the future of physical therapy. As part of our "Evidence-Based Practice" coursework, Everette James, director Read More...
The Future of PT
by Lauren Rosso
Last week, my class was lucky enough to benefit from the Scully Lecture Series, an endowed program that brings distinguished speakers to the area to highlight relevant issues within the world of physical therapy. Justin Moore, PT, DPT, APTA vice president Read More...
PT Pledge Ceremony
by Lauren Rosso
Last Friday, my classmates and I participated in Pitt's first Professional Pledge Ceremony. From what I understand, this isn't a universal requirement in the physical therapy field, but I found it a very exciting way to "enter" the profession. The ceremony Read More...


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