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Journey of a DPT Student

The SPT ‘To-Do' List is Shortening
by Lauren Rosso
On Friday morning, I spent four hours completing my comprehensive exams for the University of Pittsburgh. After I turned in the four-part packet, I realized that the number of items left on my academic to-do list is approximately two: complete the year-long Read More...
Owning a Theoretical PT Practice
by Lauren Rosso
As part of a very in-depth project for our "Leadership and Professional Development" course, I'm in charge of justifying the purchase of an electronic health record (EHR) for our theoretical outpatient private practice. I've been spending a lot of time Read More...
Reflections on a Student's First CSM
by Lauren Rosso
I just returned from my first trip to the APTA's Combined Sections Meeting, and I'm left with a variety of feelings about the experience. Overall, I would consider the trip a success, but there were definitely some aspects of CSM that left something to Read More...
Combined Sections Meeting
by Lauren Rosso
SAN DIEGO -- I arrived here on Saturday afternoon and have since had the most fantastic time reconnecting with old friends and enjoying the beautiful weather. (Side note- it's really not warm enough to lie on the beach in a bathing suit, but I suffered Read More...
Interprofessionalism and PT
by Lauren Rosso
A few days ago, my entire class attended Pitt's "Interprofessional Forum," an event meant to encourage collaboration among health professionals. Attendance for all first-year health and medical students was mandatory. While the concept may have been innovative, Read More...


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