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Journey of a DPT Student

My First Job
by Lauren Rosso
I'm happy to report that my interview went well enough to yield the ultimate goal -- a job offer! I got two calls on Tuesday (April Fool's Day), one at work and one on my cell phone, however managed to miss both. Not my best performance, but maybe I would Read More...
Falls -- They Come in Threes
by Lauren Rosso
Just over a week ago, I had my first experience with an incident report. All in all, it wasn't a big deal. A patient of mine with T11 paraplegia was attempting to stand from his wheelchair to complete a 10-meter walk test. As it turns out, his brakes Read More...
PT Students Working Holidays
by Lauren Rosso
It's the age-old question for PT students on rotation around the holidays -- will I be expected to work? There's inevitably that awkward point when the issue finally surfaces and you find yourself trying to test the waters mid-conversation. Someone brings Read More...
Dedication to the PT Profession
by Lauren Rosso
If there's one thing that holds true for inpatient rehab, it's that something is bound to go wrong with discharge planning. This is what I took away from clinical this week. When 4:45 came around on Friday afternoon and I was finally putting together Read More...
Trust Your Instincts
by Lauren Rosso
If there's anything I've learned in the past few weeks, it's to trust my clinical instincts. It's going to take a long time for me to identify adverse events with certainty and confidence, but for now, I need to rely on that "gut feeling" I get when something Read More...
An American Abroad
by Lauren Rosso
I apologize for the delay in posting this blog. Our finals ended Thursday the 21 st , and by that Saturday I was boarding a plane headed to Newcastle, England, where I'll be completing my summer clinical. As it turns out, two days wasn't exactly enough Read More...


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