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March 2012 - Posts

Transition to Rehab Management

Balance is Key
by Karen Schiff
Balance is key in being able to manage all the tasks we handle, day in and out. As the list of tasks continues to grow, the realization that I haven't played one of my favorite sports in a very long time hits home. Tennis was my escape about two years Read More...
Pulling It All Together
by Karen Schiff
As my quest for a doctoral degree progresses, I find myself looking at the art of physical therapy in a different light. Initially, not knowing what to expect or what I needed to brush up on was high up on my fear list, not to mention having to keep an Read More...
Nutrition and Food Interactions
by Karen Schiff
This week has added another new role to the agenda. As a foster mom to four-legged creatures on a consistent basis (and subsequently adopting all), I took in two three-week-old kittens who would have otherwise been without a chance to survive. After this Read More...
Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself
by Karen Schiff
My name is Karen Schiff, PT, and I am ADVANCE's new blogger. I find myself back in study mode with this transition toward my graduate degree, which, after 20-plus years of practicing physical therapy, is quite a rewarding experience. At this moment in Read More...