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Transition to Rehab Management

Spring Semester Completed

Published May 3, 2012 3:48 PM by Karen Schiff

Another semester of school, finished! What an amazing journey this has become. "Differential Diagnosis" and "Pharmacology for Physical Medicine," so appropriate for therapists in so many ways. The past semester has brought up some interesting situations in our department, from a therapist who had severe abdominal pain and was sent to the ER by a classmate who suspected appendicitis, to more than one patient with drug interactions and subsequent implications on his physical therapy treatment. As this curriculum progresses, it is becoming apparent that the need for this level of education is imperative in order to safely and effectively treat our patients.

Summer semester starts May 21, and two courses I am absolutely excited for: "Women's Health" (my specialty) and "Vestibular Rehabilitation." Two subjects that I learned absolutely nothing about in PT school 22 years ago, but have educated myself about through continuing education and working with amazing therapists skilled in these areas. As a transitional DPT student, I will have the entire summer to progress through these courses. The sweet part is that I can take my studies with me on vacation, to the beach, to work at lunchtime or wherever I please. Successfully completing the spring semester yesterday, I'm missing my online experience already. I'll get over that, though, as I plan to embrace the next three weeks!

What does a tDPT student do now that she has free time? Getting ready for senior prom and high school graduation for my oldest daughter. Getting a driver's permit for my second daughter. Running the three rescued dogs I adopted. Playing more tennis. Reading a book, maybe two or three. Laying by the pool. Hitting the beach. Advocating for homeless dogs/cats/puppies/kittens and continuing to foster what I can. Adopting a Moluccan Cockatoo from a previous patient who can't take care of her anymore (she will be great company for my Scarlet Macaw). Re-landscaping my front yard, separating my multiplying orchids and sharing them with friends.

Looks like I may need more than three weeks. This is not a problem. I've been working full time, playing tennis, being a foster mom, caring for the "zoo," my girls and home as a single parent the entire time, while studying for my DPT. It can be done, it is possible, and will be completed by 2013.


You rock!! Your story is an inspiration to those who are in T-DPT program like me and to those who are contemplating in enrolling in the program. -JEco

J Eco May 7, 2012 12:09 AM

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