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Transition to Rehab Management

Reality Sets In

Published June 21, 2012 3:57 PM by Karen Schiff

Tempus fugit. This translates from the proverb "time flies" or more closely, "time flees." This just about covers the thoughts my classmates and I are having, as we register early for our fall courses of the second year in our pursuit of our DPT. This will be the busiest semester, with three classes that, combined, will give us four credits. Unlike the summer semester we are currently wrapping up with two classes providing us two credits over a period of six weeks, the fall semester is significantly longer.

Classes start on Aug. 27 and close on Dec. 13. Depending on due dates for assignments, most of us try to finish one class at a time before starting another class. Depending on the syllabus, starting all classes at the same time sounds challenging. However, the synergy of the courses has, in the past, tied everything together nicely. At this point, working out a plan for how to complete three courses over three-and-a-half months is basically futile until we receive our syllabus.

As I register what to do when school starts in the fall, I quickly realize that I have two months of summer vacation from school! I have to admit that I have started my summer break early. Thankfully, my director and clinical manager have been allowing me to take an extra day off during the week (Mondays), which has led to wonderful three-day weekends! My daughters and I have been able to reconnect and have a lot of playtime, including extreme go-karting, a day trip to a distant water park, barbecues and suddenly another day next week that we will plan around water; perhaps water skiing.

Yes, tennis continues, and thankfully my companion has taken an interest in it. I will be trying my hand at bicycling local trails with him, as his addiction is to this sport. Somewhere in the midst of July, a birthday celebration will occur. About the time fall semester starts, one daughter will begin her second year of high school and the other daughter will start college. This is our summer. Enjoying one day at a time.

With all the fun planned and not planned, I am drawn to articles pertaining to physical therapy. I have learned so much already, interpreting statistical data, reading case reports and learning new information every day from colleagues. With all of this "down-time," I will continue to stay on top of what's out there for us and our profession. As reality sets in, I will look into the topics this summer that we will be studying in the fall, out of sheer excitement to return to school in a couple of months.


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