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Transition to Rehab Management

The Search Continues

Published July 19, 2012 11:53 AM by Karen Schiff

The search for a case report continues on a daily basis at work. Although I have to come up with a patient by early 2013, my eyes and ears are on the lookout for an interesting case so that I can share treatment intervention and outcomes. The sooner I find a patient, the sooner I can start researching information on surgical techniques, rehabilitation protocols and functional outcomes associated with similar cases. It has been recommended to keep the case report simple, however, I have heard of some interesting patients coming through the clinic.

One candidate has undergone a hip replacement with an anterior approach, which is becoming more popular due to a quicker recovery and relatively little precautions to follow post-op. Another candidate is post-op spinal disc replacement. Both of these procedures are unfamiliar to me, so early research is something I am looking forward to. This time gives me the option to choose the best patient, based on what is available in the literature as well. Working for a large healthcare system certainly exposes the rehabilitation department to patients who have undergone some of the newest techniques and procedures being performed in the United States. This allows us to assist each other and physicians with developing protocols and time frames for progression of treatment.

After practicing more than 20 years, studying for my doctorate of physical therapy has provided me and my coworkers/classmates the opportunity to add to our profession. In the midst of political unrest and changes with Medicare/Medicaid and private insurance companies, this course of study has recharged the therapist in me. Ultimately, we are responsible for providing evidence-based proof that rehabilitation efforts are necessary to maximize outcomes for our patients. Having knowledge of evidence-based medicine is mandatory in this atmosphere.

More to come on the search for an interesting case report to share with my professional community.


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