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Transition to Rehab Management

Major Changes

Published November 26, 2012 11:07 AM by Karen Schiff

A lesson in management comes in many forms. Previously, learning how to let an employee go was observed, especially a long-time employee. This past week has been another lesson. As a result of staffing optimization, there are changes that need to be made in a successful department to further improve the success and support our growth.

A task that was set forth before me was to be completed no later than the week after Thanksgiving. Personally, I felt it was important to complete before we closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, so with the support of my director and clinical manager (and the agreement of everybody involved), it was completed a week in advance.

Keep in mind we're a very close department full of physical therapists and a few physical therapist assistants who have been together for as little as one year, but most of us for 15-plus years. Not only are we coworkers, but also close friends and even family. The changes that must take place were to be discussed with each staff member, one by one, in order to get feedback on their concerns and review the rationale for the changes.

As I made my way through the department between patient care and lunches, I began to see the harmony change in the department, the worried looks, the grave concerns that my peers experienced that day. This carried over to the following day, with, as expected, questions and extremely valid points that these dedicated employees brought to our attention.

Nothing will ever compare to the concern I have for our employees. We've been through many trials and tribulations in the past and have come out ahead. As positive as I've always been, I'm absolutely sure that our success will continue as we pull together as a department and a family. We are who we are as a result of the excellence in service we provide, and we are here for our community and patients.

Today is a new day, and the changes will be initiated very soon. I can only communicate, personally, that change is always good, no matter how difficult it may seem when first presented. Stand tall, my friends, we will get through this as we have gotten through many episodes in the past. We will be stronger for it, and it will support our sense of community and family more than ever before.


What's happening Karen?

Mike December 4, 2012 12:00 PM

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