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Time to Pay It Forward

Published December 6, 2012 2:49 PM by Karen Schiff

This time of year seems a lot slower than usual, being that I'm officially on winter break from my studies. I'm prepared to start the new semester in January, and in the meantime I must admit I'm a little bored. As a result, I've been more aware of those around me, especially those less fortunate. This is the time of year when we have many fundraising events for work, the Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, FL.

As a community-based healthcare system, we rely on the government to assist us with helping those in the community who are unable to afford healthcare. These days, however, there seems to be less and less available to help us help the community, so our dedicated employees work tirelessly to do what's best for others. This is being done in the midst of major staffing changes, which makes it all the more special and rewarding, providing a sense of community like never before.

There have been a few days in the past week when all I prayed for was peace and harmony in my department; the stress of changing schedules, the holidays approaching and a fear of the unknown are all things running around our minds. Typically, the department as a whole will contribute monetarily to provide a holiday for a family in need. This year will be no different. As some of the staff struggle with concerns, they'll still pull together to do the right thing for our community. Our next meeting will bring to light the neediest people we may have come across during patient care.

One such family was met during the year, where a 40-plus-year-old widowed mother of two older teenage daughters suffered two devastating strokes within a short period of time. Dad passed away a few years ago due to cancer, and the two daughters were working very hard to finish school. One daughter attends school in the morning, the other in the evening, and this way one is always home with mom. Recently, they were able to find an aide to stay with mom two hours a day in order to allow them to spend time with each other at the mall or with friends. This is the kind of hard work and dedication we hope our children would do for us if need be.

So as I watch and listen to the stories we have to share with each other, I'm reminded how blessed we are to have such a rewarding profession, a job that might be inconveniencing us due to a change in shift only (with no one losing their job) and a compassion that allows us to share anything we can to possibly help a family. As I've said many times before, we're all in this together, and those of us who can, should help. The term "pay it forward" comes to mind. Even if we can't, there's always something to do to help others, not just now, but throughout the year.


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