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Transition to Rehab Management

Getting Ahead of Myself

Published February 7, 2013 5:15 PM by Karen Schiff
Isn't it interesting how things fall into place? I'm well into week two of my new position, and meeting many new people. I'm learning names, disciplines and experience levels of those who now surround me. Interestingly enough, I'm already familiar with one PT who has been a friend on Facebook for some time, for the simple reason that PT is a small world and we live in the same area. Now we work together too.

Upon discussing a case with him, in which he used phenomenal differential diagnosis skills, I asked him the level of education he has achieved. The terminology used and the clinical judgment he outlined piqued my interest. As I begin my literature search for my case report, I'm becoming more aware of the information that's available, to utilize for the best practice for our patients. This therapist exhibited a much higher level of expertise, to the point that I had to literally ask him how he came about the information he presented. How excited I was to find out that he has been working on his PhD for the past few years, taking a couple of classes at a time. As I come to the realization that my DPT studies will be ending this year, I'm looking forward to what will be available to me in the future.

As my second week comes to a close, I successfully passed the final exam for the second-to-last semester of school. Life is crazy right now with trying to bring together an outpatient department to the best practice, reading articles in the middle of the night and forming an abstract for a case report, but I still think about the future and how much education means to me. New relationships are being formed, professionally and personally, and I now look forward to even more in the future. Perhaps the pursuance of a PhD once I successfully obtain my DPT.


I am so proud of you :)

Fi DH February 7, 2013 7:30 PM

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