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Transition to Rehab Management

Let the Festivities Begin

Published December 20, 2013 4:54 PM by Karen Schiff

A new task is being tackled this week as the year comes to an end. I've heard the term over and over again through the years, something called "The Budget." I'm not familiar with this term, although I believe my superiors think I am. This term, quite honestly, scares me. On a daily basis, I'm aware of the volume of patients seen at our center, and the hours worked by therapists. As we complete our transition to computerized documentation, we're gradually decreasing the time needed to complete charting at the end of the day. This will have a positive impact on our productivity and overall, the budget.

The New Year also brings with it plans for a complete renovation of our outpatient facility (scheduled to begin in approximately one month), and we have a budget to adhere to (mostly to buy shiny, new equipment). I'm not a shopper, nor do I care to stick to a budget on a personal level, but I feel that I'll be held to some kind of level of spending for the department. Given a dollar amount to spend, and a list of equipment wanted by physiatrists and therapists, somehow I have to balance the "wants" with the dollars available. This should be interesting over the next few months, since the renovation hasn't even started and I have drawings and dimensions available from the architect.

As I begin an almost two-week vacation, I find that balance will be necessary to maintain some sort of sanity. Balance the budget, balance the projects coming up, and balance a career and family life that has become busy beyond control. It will take two weeks to reflect on what has been done, and yet to be accomplished.

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