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Shifting Rehab Paradigms

About Shifting Rehab Paradigms

As Healthcare is shifting from provider-driven to consumer-driven, I would like to expose and explore some dilemmas of our profession. Even if you don’t want to acknowledge that many therapy organizations are just getting better at covering fraud, rather than eliminating it, you may still like to read on. Patients are being handed out ABNs even before they come for their first visit, as clinics can’t bear lack of insurance reimbursement and many try to transition to cash-base policies. Mature professionals still enter transitional DPT programs, when in fact, more than 27 programs closed since 2005, so why? Who ever thought of G-codes? How do we explain 100% productivity to our PT/OT /SLP students? Do we get the flu shot despite its ineffectiveness? Is our profession more about government kickbacks and mandating numbers, than providing great outcomes in patient care or are we just keeping up with the shrinking cereal boxes phenomena? What if we all shifted our paradigms from what we have been doing to what we believe we should do? As the healthcare paradigm is shifting, I hope to navigate in this blog what role we will play and how we play it.

About Viktoriya Friedman

Viktoriya Friedman is a board certified clinical exercise expert on exercise for aging adults (CEEAA). Her primary clinical interest has been working with adult and geriatric patients living with diagnoses of idiopathic PD, atypical PD, ataxia and MS. In this capacity, Viktoriya developed the first skilled nursing facility (SNF)-based telemedicine program for Parkinson’s (PD) and other movement disorders.

She started a community-based outreach program to promote exercise for patients with movement disorders: ParkFIT. As an LSVT BIG certified clinician she evaluates and provides specialized treatment for patients with idiopathic PD and PD-like disorders.

Currently working at Office of Mental Health (OMH), Viktoriya is treating patients with medication/drug-induced gait and balance disorders. As a Director of Rehabilitation Services for nine years prior, she focused on value based outcome services, ethical clinical decision making, program and staff development, as well as specialized program development to improve quality of rehabilitation care provided.

Viktoriya graduated from Boston University Sargent College in 2003 and is currently pursuing her DPT at Arcadia University.