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Would you look at this Website!

Published November 21, 2007 8:04 AM by Toni Patt

This fall I returned to school.  As a result I've been spending a good amount of time online.  This has led to many discoveries.  One of those is the APTA webpage,   I knew the page existed.  I'd been there a few times.  I didn't know all that it had to offer.  To complete my homework I had to do research.  Doing research forces me to explore the web to find what I needed.  In the process I learned what I've been missing from the APTA.

I'm an APTA member.  I have been for several years.  I'm not writing this to encourage anyone to join.  As  a member I had access to members only areas  some of which were the most helpful.  From the perspective of being a student my favorite site is Open Door, the research part of the APTA.  From that page I was able to access various databases including CINHAL and ProQuest.    Both are oriented toward healthcare journals.  For no charge I could search either one as long as I wanted.  I could print articles.  The only limit was how many words I could think of to use as my topics.   I was also able to search previous issues of the "PT Journal".  Homework was so much easier after my discovery.

From the perspective of being a PT the home page was the best.  From there I could learn about future events.  I could use links to other sites to learn about specific topics such as Medicare.  There is information about documentation and Risk Management.  Each section has its own page.  I can go to the Practice Act or find CEU courses.  These are things that are meaningful on a day to day basis.  If I want to know something I still have to look.  Now I know where to look.  I feel like I've become more involved with my profession

As long as I've been a therapist I've heard debate concerning APTA membership.  I chose to join. I also belong to two sections.  To me the membership is worth the cost.  My course is nearly over.  It  has taught me what it set out to do.  It has also taught me what else is out there.  There are more courses in my future.  I've added this web site to my bag of tricks to help get through them.  I've also decided I need to check often to see what is going on and what is new.  My goal is to be a better therapist.   This is going to help.



Vision 20/20 is a great plan for PT's. It leaves the PTA's in the dust. Nowhere have I seen an increase in education for the PTA. There are no specialist certificates for us and we are unable to ladder up into a higher position after completing our AA/Certificate or challenge of the boards. How long will California allow people to challenge the boards and become a PTA? This level of education is not acceptable to assist a PT with a doctorate.

Just my gripe after 13 years as a PTA. I really think the PTA needs an overhaul in addition to the professional role of the PT. Can you imagine a physician assistant or nurse challenging the boards?

Karen, pediatrics - PTA, outpatient November 26, 2007 7:31 PM

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