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October 2008 - Posts

Toni Talks about PT Today

Shoes are Important
by Toni Patt
As PTs we know shoes are an important part of gait. Unsafe shoes cause falls. Good shoes prevent falls. So when I work on fall prevention with patients, one of the things I look for is the footwear. Eliminating unsafe footwear for high-risk fallers seems Read More...
You Must Like Where You Work
by Toni Patt
Last week an OT scolded me. She found out I have McKenzie credentials and couldn't believe I was working in a hospital. She told me I had to be in an OP setting treating spine patients. She even asked me why I was working in a hospital. Shouldn't I be Read More...
Goals Must Be Based on Assessment
by Toni Patt
Yesterday I got a real shock when I looked at one of my patient's charts. An OT had evaluated her and used my PT evaluation to write her transfers goals. On the surface this may not sound too bad. I don't understand how she could write goals on something Read More...
Therapy Has to be Challenging
by Toni Patt
Two weeks ago my friend Bee resumed her riding lessons. After the first lesson she complained that "it was too hard" and said she "didn't like being corrected" like that. She blamed it on the horse. She rode a different horse for the next lesson. This Read More...


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