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December 2008 - Posts

Toni Talks about PT Today

Patient Abandonment
by Toni Patt
The hot topic at lunch this week was the definition of patient abandonment. We all agreed that it involved leaving a patient who needs therapy without it. What we can't agree on is at what point does the abandonment occur? Taken to an extreme it could Read More...
Acute Frustration
by Toni Patt
Even though I enjoy it, working in acute care can be frustrating. It has its own unique limitations. Unlike any other setting, I only see my patients for a few visits. With the exception of orthopedic patients, no one is in a hospital to get therapy. Read More...
The CPM Saga
by Toni Patt
We're having drama on the ortho unit of my hospital. An orthopedic doc is angry at the PT department. He believes we're not following his TKR CPM orders. He wants a CPM on every patient set at 120 degrees the day of surgery. He says he writes the orders Read More...
Are We Ready for Direct Access?
by Toni Patt
This semester I'm taking a class addressing differential diagnoses. Its purpose is to prepare me to screen patients for medical problems prior to initiating therapy. Each chapter covers a different system and reviews the signs and symptoms of medical Read More...
Letting Go is Hard
by Toni Patt
I've finally made up my mind. My 3-year-old horse is going to his first show this January. This was a tough decision for me. I want him to be ready. I want him to do well. So I waited until the last minute to make a decision. I know he'll make mistakes. Read More...


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