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March 2010 - Posts

Toni Talks about PT Today

Don't Lie to Patients
by Toni Patt
Once again we have a disposition issue on the rehab unit. A gentleman who lived alone was admitted following a stroke. While on the unit his stroke has continued to evolve resulting in impaired judgment and making it impossible for him to live alone. Read More...
Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is
by Toni Patt
I've spent a lot of time complaining about the state of affairs in the physical therapy world. Sometimes I've had suggestions on how to improve. Sometimes I've played devil's advocate. Often, I've pointed out the contradictions in what is being said and Read More...
The Old Guard
by Toni Patt
Something occurred to me while I was talking with our student the other day. She is a new grad MSPT working on her DPT. We were talking just before I left for graduation. It struck me that her CI isn't a DPT but a bachelor level PT. I mean nothing negative Read More...
Let’s Revisit Autonomy
by Toni Patt
Autonomy: The quality of being self-governing; the right to self govern; self-directing freedom and especially independence, a self-governing state (Merrian-Webster) Last weekend I graduated. One of the requirements to graduate was participation in a Read More...
by Toni Patt
This weekend is graduation. I wish I could say I was excited. Instead of looking forward to a professional achievement, I'm dwelling on the inconvenience of having to travel to Arizona for the ceremony. If there was any way I could bypass the event, I Read More...


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