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November 2010 - Posts

Toni Talks about PT Today

Be Nice to Your Physical Therapist
by Toni Patt
I had an unusual experience yesterday. The son of one of my patients said something rude to me. His mother mentioned to him I had two horses. He responded that was two too many to have around. It's been a long time since a patient has deliberately said Read More...
The In-service that Wouldn't End
by Toni Patt
Many facilities schedule staff in-services and meetings during lunch because it is often the only time everyone is free. Most of us accept it as a part of life and work around it. To me, it is a huge inconvenience. I use my lunch time to write notes so Read More...
Seeing the Whole Patient
by Toni Patt
My patients never a make a good first impression. If I'm working with them, it means they've had a stroke. As a result, they are no longer the person they once were either cognitively or physically. Let's face it. No one looks good in a hospital gown Read More...
Paradox of Being a Doctor
by Toni Patt
This morning one of my patients surprised me. She noticed all the letters on my name badge and asked what each of them meant. Afterward she asked if I was sure I was a doctor. I don't act like one. Then she wanted to know the difference. Other than spending Read More...
Perceptions of Gait
by Toni Patt
Last Saturday I evaluated an acute stroke patient. She had a four-day history of episodic right-leg weakness so I was trying to determine her baseline. No matter what question I asked her, she responded that she had no trouble getting around at home. Read More...


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